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May 26, 2008


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Great stuff. Christina looks amazing. I can't imagine why Golf Fitness wouldn't want to be associated with someone with that type of appearance. If it's the choke comment or anything subsequent, get over it.

However, the lettering for Golf Fitness on that visor needs to be significantly larger and more distinct. This monitor isn't the best and I was struggling to decipher Susan's visor throughout the interview. If she hadn't specified at the end I wouldn't have had a clue what it said, other than Golf at the beginning, and it quickly would have been forgotten.

That's a common flaw among specialists. Like someone giving directions, they say turn here and there -- "you can't miss it" -- but they live there so naturally they can't imagine not picking up on a localized clue. Similarly, a visor like that may scream familiar to someone who deals with the logo and color scheme every day, but I it doesn't stand out enough, not for TV purposes or something like YouTube. It may be spectacular for a gallery within 5 feet.

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