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May 23, 2008


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The Choke word
The game of golf was and always will be a gentlemen’s game. In recent years golf has exploded on the scene and has become so popular that anyone who thinks he can hit a golf ball on the driving range, immediately takes his/her game to the local golf course, they have no idea about the rules of golf, the history of golf and quite honestly they don’t even know about the unwritten rules of golf etiquette.
In my opinion there are far to many golfers out there that have absolutely no idea how to behave on the golf course, I am talking about full grown men who someday will be taking their kids out to golf and lord knows how that will turn out. There are a lot of Happy Gilmore’s out there who need a reality check. Remember the old TV commercials in the 1950’s that told you what to do in case of an atomic explosion, like stand in a doorway in the basement or get under your classroom desk and don’t look directly into the bright light, hello,,, as if that would help, but at least it got your attention.
I think it’s time for the golf industry spend a bit of time explaining golf etiquette to the masses instead of pushing golf balls that bleed when you let out shaft.

Did I just let out my age?
Kim has got game and could make any ball bleed.


You know what...I agree with you, but then again...I'm old too :)

I am not into the new way of golf and the screaming crowds on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass...

But the drama on BB Ka'anapali makes for great reality TV and that's what BB is - just a reality TV show.

It's not golf - it never will be - but hey...it's great entertainment, even if it makes us angry. You know what they say...It's better to be remembered for something bad, than not to be remembered at all!"

As for real golf...I totally agree. I'm sick of playing with idiots with no idea of what proper golf ediquette is all about.



Kim has a great attitude. In fact, that's a common theme on many of the golf forums discussing The Big Break. I've seen several guys say Kim is especially hot due to her attitude.

I agree the confessionals are intriguing. This is my first time watching The Big Break and those clips are under valued by TGC. All we get is brief excerpts on the program. Otherwise you have to traipse to TGC website and wade through numerous clicks, and the same tedious advertisement over and again.

I can't believe with an investment like this, specific to the network and requiring dozens of personnel and months of patchwork to get it right, that TGC limits itself to merely one show per week. Even American Idol realized quickly you could squeeze the format on back to back nights. The Big Break needs a companion episode, even if merely a half hour, showing the confessionals in some form. Not bland reluctant participants like Courtney but some of the girls provide very interesting insight.

A half hour on Monday night would be perfect. But maybe we need another replay of 10 greatest divots, or whatever.

As per the team concept, the only format that bothered me was the dual elimination of Liz and Adrienne. Among four possibilities it should have been clear cut that the two weakest, or the ones who had played poorest, were evicted. Instead we had random pairings and Liz was eliminated with a very solid par, due to a birdie putt by Sophie that slammed into the back of the hole. Sam advanced with a par very similar to the one that eliminated Liz. It should have been all four playing on equal footing, perhaps a couple of holes or some type of creative combo, with the two worst scores sent packing.

Hmmm. I always try to read between the lines. It's remarkable these girls are so skilled at avoiding hints. In reading these interviews today I was struck by the variance in the way Lori's interview concluded, compared to Kim's. Lori said (paraphrased) "no matter what happens in the coming weeks" while Kim said it should be more and more exciting in the next few weeks. I don't know if that means anything. I'd be more confident in examining facial expressions. But something to think about. Maybe they are poker players at instinct. LOL.

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