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May 28, 2008


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The quality of play was very impressive last night. It took 12 or 13 chips before someone missed the circle, then the elimination challenge was 1 under besting even par. Funny how the other forums are quick to blast the caliber of play but I didn't see much praise today.

Notice the clutch putts went in when the hole location wasn't severe. I've visited Hawaii only once, last May for 3 weeks, and my primary memories, other than the scenery, from several rounds of golf were difficult greens to read with all the grain, and darn near impossible to get a bad lie. If you haven't played in Hawaii it's convenient to hassle the putting woes. I'm from Miami and those greens in Hawaii don't play like Florida Bermuda.

I was rooting for Kim but I had a feeling her first chip would be shaky, going last among seven with all six safe.

I read somewhere that Barb Mucha is helping Kim with her short game. Maybe Kim could comment on that next week, or soon. Looks like it might be paying dividends this season.

Her stats are indeed very good, not merely driving distance.

It would be terrific if Kim wrapped up a spot in the Duramed top 5 then used that return vacation late in '08, an earned reward after finally making the LPGA, and no need to worry about diabolical Q School.

Come to think of it, Lori's comment that, "If you're gonna win, you've gotta get rid of the top players," makes sense for next week. It hasn't been featured yet, in context. We've heard it primarily in audio only. Choosing to play Kim in a challenge match at this point in the competition is logical for that type of comment. Kim and Lori are considered the top two and the gap to #3 might be significant. I'm referring to perception. I can't think of anyone else who Lori might designate for that type of summation. Later in the proceedings you take the survivors as they line up against you but right now there's still room to strategize.

It doesn't mean Lori defeated Kim, or that either one were eliminated. It could be merely a posed question in a confessional, "Why did you pick Kim?" and Lori provides her rationale.

TGC certainly is tilting the impression toward Lori as the winner of that matchup, with the remark, from Sam (?), that Kim might be somewhat intimidated by Lori. But it could be a head fake. I haven't watched this program before so I'm not aware how often they intentionally mislead.

Last night was more creative editing, bunching the commercials during the elimination round and ending with the final putt at 4 minutes until the hour. They always return to the previous hole if there's a playoff so there wasn't time for another par 5, but at least it deviated from the cliche of final shot at 2 minutes before the end of the show.


Hey Gayle :)

Wonderful interview with Kim. Thank you very much for asking those questions. Having tons of fun!

Kim is also a lot of fun too!

kind regards,



Well, Gary, I am in the same position as you. I've watched all the BB and I still can't figure out who wins. I keep guessing, but week after week, I'm surprised at what I see.

Lori was higlighted this week, but Kim and Christina get a lot of TV attention. Susan is the dark horse that keeps showing up week after week. Sam, with her record in Europe and her sister in the LPGA is also one I start to wonder about.

And then there's Sophie...she made TGC's Top 10 sexiest golfers months ago...my gut tells me you don't get that if you are losing.

What a great mind game, eh?



Like an idiot I thought the Duramed stop began today, and I tried to check Live Scoring. The tournament begins Friday.

But on the tournament website I stumbled across a link to this interesting article, Kim playing against a local newspaper columnist on Monday:



Hi Gary

That's a fun article. Thanks for sharing it.


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