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May 14, 2008


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First of all, I love reading this column and the perspective of the participants, so soon after each episode. This is my first season watching The Big Break and my mother -- a Golf for Women subscriber -- told me about the weekly columns. I've finally caught up with all of them.

Hmmm. As a Las Vegas resident since the mid '80s, I'll eagerly wager over on Cirbie's index of 1.5. In fact, I don't need to bet on anything else for the rest of my life. Just let me make that wager every time she tees it up, and I'll take my chances.

One correction: Dana dunked it twice from 180 yards, not 140.

I've been rooting for Kim due to her awesome arch and lag and power, not to mention the sytlish dark haired good looks. As a USC alum I'll give her a pass on Washington St roots. That's a USC rival but far enough removed in terms of geography and football heritage that it's friendly enough. :)

Kim has by far the greatest variety of garb in the confessionals. I realize that cancer patient-type scarf is her trademark and preference but damn it conceals her appearance to criminal degree on the course.

It would have been pathetic for the two free swinging high arch bombing cuties -- Liz and Kim -- to be ousted so early.

Kim needs to jettison the ridiculous two-ball putter. Fling it in a lake somewhere a la Charley Hoffman. Those bulky putters are the biggest fraud to hit the golf marketplace in my 35+ years of tinkering. I play a weekly Friday afternoon outing with 15 ultra competitive guys and several of the shaky putters became markedly worse after switching to that type of putter. I could only stand there and try not to chuckle as they topped or yanked or shoved one long putt after another, leading to 3 putt giveaways. That's exactly what I saw from Kim last night. Obscenely predictable. With her length she doesn't need the 5-10 footers as desperately as someone like Susan. Just dodge the 3 putts. But those boxy putters are exponentially more difficult to keep low to the ground and make a consistent stroke on longer putts. That flaw more than offsets any minor theoretical gain on short putt alignment.

I realize this Big Break was filmed in December. Perhaps Kim has already changed from the 2-ball putter. But today I Googled and 3 putts apparently cost her a Duramed title in her first start of '08. Kim had four 3 putts during the second round, a round that was otherwise terrific with an eagle hole out on a par 4, and a hole in one. One day later Kim lost in a playoff, missing a 7 foot birdie putt that she needed to stay alive.

The better putters can handle any type of putter but when you naturally struggle with stroke and confidence a simple type is best, something traditional along the lines of a Ping Anser or Titleist. I noted elsewhere on this site today that Annika and Sergio have astutely switched back to a more standard putter.


Gary...Cirbie's interview just got posted.
Check it out!


BTW...I was just in Vegas golfing for 5 days. What are your favorite courses? I played Angel Park (Palm and Mountain), Boulder Creek, Legacy and Revere. Did I miss a good one?


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