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May 21, 2008


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Christina's behavior is about the lowest class thing I've seen in competitive golf. She claims her thoughtless and unprofessional behavior is somehow acceptable because she is "competitive." She dishonors the game with her behavior, IMO.


I am going to miss Tina more than anything, she was such a classy gal, but she just couldn't get her game together. I have a lot of faith in her ability to play good golf. I hope she has a bright future with this great game of golf. Hang in there Tina.


Christina has a concise vocabulary. Big deal. Let's be honest, Johnny Miller would use the word choke 20 times per event if the golf world weren't so hysterically delicate. He amends it to chunk or "out of his comfort zone" but inside he's thinking choke.

I'm chuckling at the power of selective presentation, and how it influences perception. According to Lori's confessional at The Golf Channel, Brittany Lincicome missed the green with her first attempt in the immunity challenge. As someone who knows probability and deals with it in my job, I was instantly suspicious last night. Granted they are LPGA pros, but a shot immediately to within a few feet? It reminded me of a Made for ABC golf event a few weeks ago, with Steve Young and Jerry Rice among others, also filmed in Hawaii. A young Hawaiian top amateur golfer botched her first shot, when called to bail out the celebrities, but stuck her second attempt to two feet.

I thought of that last night, and Lori's confessional was very welcome. Obviously TGC wants to protect the images of pros who agree to join them, so the shot is excluded. But that leads to my point: If Brittany Lincicome's errant shot had been shown, no doubt the word choke would have been thrown around on the golf forums today. Unfairly, sure. And Christina's comment could have been excluded, other than the nature of the program. Altered perception.

Here's an anecdote that probably reveals why I'm not livid and condemning of Christina's remark. My best golf was as a teenager, playing to about a 3, #1 on my high school team. The hot shot juniors were anything but tight lipped and sportsmanlike. I could relate so many examples it would fill this site. Anyway, late junior year I was playing the best player in the state, a guy who later got a full ride to the University of Houston. He knew he was several shots better than I was so he wasn't concerned during the bulk of the round, but I could putt, and I took it to the 17th all square at even par. Then I choked -- yes choked -- on a 4 foot birdie putt. Still tied. On the 18th tee I had honors and he stopped me just before I teed off. "Do you inhale or exhale on your backswing?" I backed off and it made me feel like jello. That was MY line, the one I occasionally used when hacking around with the neighborhood kids.

I thought, "Does he really think he can throw me with MY line?" I didn't say a a word to him. Then I duck hooked my drive behind a shrub. The opponent came over to check it, if before strategizing his second shot. "Oh yeah, go for it. Great lie. No problem." Then he laughed like hell while walking away with his caddy.

I wish I could say I stuck my third shot, after pitching out. Actually I did. I stuck it smack in the guarding lake. It was a smooth swing on a hole I'd played hundred of times and I was astonished when it plummeted short. The opponent chortled all the way, while crossing the bridge. I blamed myself. I never understood it.

It's decades later but no one is convincing me there aren't minor versions of that to this day, and hardly excluded to men's golf. It's a remarkable industry, grasping things to be outraged about.


Christina, you can paint it any color you want, but your actions showed a complete lack of class. Just because other people may be thinking the word "choke", doesn't make it right for that word to come out of your piehole.

You knew you had a microphone on, and you openly rooted against your opponent twice. You should be ashamed of that, and the fact that you're not shows the quality of human being that you are.

Not only do I hope you flame out on the show, but I hope you gag for the rest of your career. I'd love for you to hear the C word yourself- you certainly have it coming.


Thanks to all of you for your comments. I love them all. It's good to know what people think.

Thank you especially to Gary for sharing that story - not only was it entertaining, it showed that what happened on BB isn't as uncommon as one might think.



Actually... it's pretty funny that Christina mentions that Susan said she wanted everyone to play bad. But, what Susan actually said at the beginning of the show was "I want everyone to play well, I just want to play better!" And unfortunately Christina, that's caught on video too!


Some one has TIVO!!! :)

Thanks for letting us know.

Did you see the video interview of Christina and Susan at the CN Ladies Tour last week?

They were buddy buddy at that tournament - no hard feelings whatsoever.


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