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May 28, 2008


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I was warming up to Lori but she lost ground last night. Same with two other members of my family who watched alongside.

I think Lori sensed she blew it, based on that phone interview. The obsession with Christina not only impacted Lori's play but at this point in The Big Break it's tougher to regain reputation points, by sheer math of episodes remaining. Lori probably set herself back at least two episodes last night, in terms of how her personality is viewed.

At least it was simple who to root for in the elimination -- Sam by default, after Courtney's over the top digs at Christina. It didn't fit Courtney's reputation and that made it particularly shocking. I was more stunned last night by the gang behavior, than by Christina' infamous comment.

And BTW to Courtney, lose the gum or whatever you're chewing. That doesn't work for Rory Sabbatini or anyone else on a golf course. It looks second rate, particularly on camera.

I understood the dynamics of last night's episode after reading the producer's blog at TGC. There was a two day gap between choke and last night. In between was the catamaran day. So that allowed a full reunion of the 12 cast members, for hours. No doubt Christina's comment was shared with Cirbie, Liz, Adrienne and Dana, who had already been ousted. They probably agreed with the disgust and Tina became a sympathetic figure, and Christina increasingly condemned and isolated, whether she realized it or not. The others may have been able to feign cordial.

One day later the surviving golfers had no reservation in recoiling against Christina. But the problem in delayed TV terms is one full week later the audience has had time to absorb and move on. The women bashing Christina were essentially caught in a time warp.

Or maybe women simply carry grudges longer. I detailed that rambling inhale/exhale story from my high school match. Two weeks later I was paired with the same guy in the state tournament. My coach was worried about fireworks, and it was a big topic among the team. I didn't give a flip. I was playing great, that's how I took him even par to the 18th in the first place. Anyway, we played without incident or mention until the 18th hole. Inexplicably he fanned his second shot on a par 5. It hit the bank and bounced into the creek. He didn't see the result, into the glare. When he asked if I saw where it went, I said, "Yeah, about 6 feet deep." Then I added with a grin, "Looked familiar." He regrouped and chuckled, and we walked together up the fairway.


Gary...you are amazing.

I have to go and read the producer's blog.

I should call you before I do my posts to get all this wonderful background analysis.

Before this series is over...we have to talk!


Have to agree with Gayle!

Do you take notes during the show?

Only been playing golf for about 10 months now and still have lots to learn. However your entire analysis for the shows have been amazing.

Keep up the great work.

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