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May 28, 2008


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Christina is the best in confessionals. She may not have liked them but her opinionated personality lends itself to that type of pseudo Q & A.

I had no clue what Lori and Sophie were doing, grouped in a confessional. They weren't roommates and there hadn't been any apparent interaction between them. Lori concedes in her blog this week that sometimes she forgets Sophie is on the show, because she's under the radar so often. For a while I thought it meant one of them had been eliminated.

Meanwhile, Lori wanted to crack Christina but one episode later she doesn't isolate Christina as her opponent in the opening challenge. Nor does Lori pick Susan, who she admits gets on her nerves, and who Lori has said is the least experienced player in the field.

Typical bully mentality. A type like that doesn't want applied pressure. Lori is a very good player with a simple swing that I envy, but let's face it this is the first time she's in a favorite's role in a high profile event. That lends itself to pressure. On the LPGA she was down the pack and Duramed has higher caliber of play than scrutiny level. Outside pressure, expectations. Obviously there's pressure to maintain a playing card and win a check.

If Lori had picked Christina or Susan there would have been pressure as the favorite, and added focus due to the comments and attitude Lori has displayed toward those players. There's no pressure playing Kim. If she defeats Kim she'll be granted high praise for risking a matchup against a top player. If Lori loses, it's not to someone she's had conflict with, or that the fans don't respect. Look at TGC poll last week, obscene. A full 46% said Susan was the least talented player among the final seven. Gad, I wish that group made the betting odds in Las Vegas. Work would be optional within seconds. This field is so tight in ability level that a hefty plurality vote toward one player was silly, let alone a near majority among seven options.

Lori's rationale that Kim is a weak putter is legit. I may be shanking this comment. It wouldn't be the first time. Lori's pick certainly fits with her theme of getting rid of the top players. But overall I stand by my assessment. My dad was a psychology professor for 40+ years and I took plenty of classes and read the relevant texts. Even if subconsciously, I don't think Lori wanted to face Christina or Susan head to head this early.

This show jolts with the variables. Christina just said she couldn't remember a joint confessional. That lends itself to concluding she's around for a while. And Susan wrote on her blog that Golf Fitness paid for her trip to Vancouver last week, as sponsor. You'd think a magazine like that would prioritize a return on its investment, ongoing Big Break publicity for Susan, which a top 6 finish might not have provided.

Sorry for the frequent War and Peace comments. I always feel sorry for an empty comment box and I keep seeing 0s.


Oooohhh...Gary...I can't comment. But, I am soooo glad I don't know what happens, but I love your analysis based on what you know.

When I read your stuff...it makes me wonder too and that's such a dangerous thing :)

Maybe we should go to Vegas - I'll drive. LOL!



last nights show was outstanding. Beautiful shots, the elimination round between Sam and Courtney was terrific. They played some terrific golf.

Great analysis Gary. I have enjoyed reading your comments about the show.

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