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May 22, 2008


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Hey Gayle,

Great Interview with Lori. She has a true passion for the game of golf and is an inspiration to others. Really liked what she said.



Glad you liked it...do you have some questions you'd like me to ask Lori and the others?

Always love hearing from you!


Hi Gayle,

You are very welcome. Enjoy reading your golf blogs and of course everything on the BB Kaanapali. They are so entertaining and a lot of fun!

Sure! I have a few questions that you can ask all the girls.

What areas in their golf game are they the strongest?

Is the pressure different playing in tournaments than on the show?

What current/retired LPGA players do you look up to? why?

Enjoy hearing from you too. Thank you for all the updates.

kind regards,



Hi Liz

You got it! I'll add your questions to the interview...stay tuned for the answers in the next few days.


Hey, I thought this was a once per week gig, interviews posted on Wednesday, after the airing. It blew me away today, with multiple entries that I had missed.

Gayle asks excellent questions, with plenty of relevant info gathered from the subject. That's what strikes me about all of these interviews. It reminds me of a print version of Larry King, allowing the subject to talk without forcing the conversation in an intended direction.

Lori has it correct regarding how The Big Break is portraying her. There's definitely been a softening/humanizing, like when Lori said, "I don't even want to watch Kim putt this," a couple of episodes ago. They put the words onscreen when it wasn't exactly necessary.

Plus, at that point Lori had already established the intimidation aspect so it would have been superfluous and cliche to default there every week.

My questions to the ladies would be about the minor tours, specifically the Duramed Futures Tour. I'm only recently aware of it, and I can't believe some of the specifics. Only 5 cards available. That's a farce. I think the Nationwide Tour promotes top 25. Look at Kim. Obviously she's an improving player. I checked her stroke average and it's gone from roughly 74.5 in '06 to 73.5 in '07 to an even 72 this year. But she's still in 6th place. If she misses the top 5 then it's off to Q school, where a balky putter can ruin you over a short stretch like that, more of a crap shoot.

The purses are pathetic. Make the cut and you're guaranteed $500 minimum, but the increments above that are a joke. One shot lower is literally $502 in some cases. Then $508. LOL. I can just imagine that tour on TV, with the announcer saying, "This putt is worth 2 bucks..."

There needs to be more emphasis on the Duramed Tour. Raise the purses, even if the LPGA needs to step in. I read that many of the women car pool to the tournaments. Just imagine the rising costs, along with food and lodging. I don't see how it's worth it, with only 5 cards available. At some point during the season the mathematical realities set in, and there's no point continuing if top 5 is hopeless, even if you win. I read that Liz plays sporadic events, then has to return to Florida to work (presumably caddy) for a month or so before venturing out again.

For whatever reason TGC doesn't feature it on the scroll every week, even though the Nationwide Tour is prominent. Just think how many Big Breakers could be mentioned down the scroll. It would be like a subtle advertisement for The Big Break every time that scroll ran.

This may be an awkward point, but that seldom stops me. Child bearing years coincide with golf prime, so female golfers need more margin for error than men in getting on tour and establishing a career in their 20s and 30s, not less. I was thrilled this week, rooting for Leta Lindley to win her first tourney after 14 years, but just think how much time she lost at golf while having the two kids.


I totally agree with you Gary on the Duramed. In fact, I know of some of the ladies who prefer the Cactus tour and Cdn Tour. They agree...it's so hard to get into the top 5, they figure, why bother. Just go to Q school at the end and make more money on the other tours.

As for the Leta...you bet! So great to see "mom" out there winning. I hope Annika saw that and figures out you can play as be a parent too - look at Juli Inkster.



Met Inskter while in high school. In fact, her sister in law owns Argonauta Hair Salon in Auburn. That's where my family goes to get our haircuts. I am able to get some updates on how she's doing on tour.

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