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June 26, 2008


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Tina is pure class! I enjoyed the interview and some background to the show. I have no doubt that the GC people tweaked the drama so that we'd all be chatting about the personalities over the golf, but like Tina said, it is a tv show and not LPGA tournament coverage.

It was cool that Tina could let go of her hurt with Christina and move forward. I truly doubt that Lori would do the same if the tables had been turned. No doubt, Lori and Christina will cross paths with their golf careers and Tina has the right attitude about not wanting the drama to get in the way.

I think womens' golf as a rule tends to have characters similar to the ones we've seen on the BB. I know I've met my fair share of Lori types who tend to bully their way around the course calling out anyone or anything that they feel needs negative attention. I've also had the fortune of playing with people like Tina who are competitive but have class and respect for others and a grace with how ehy carry themselves off and on the course.

Christina learned a valuable lesson from this show. It's not to say that we all don't want to win...of course, we love the game and competing means that one has to put the pressure on one's opponents. However, it's never okay to do so by intimidation verbally or with poor sportsmanship or etiquette. I have to admit that when my opponent messes up, I try to use that as incentive to raise my game and perform to my best. However, I am not happy when a person is humiliated or suffers a terrible loss. It never feels good and I believe the Golf Karma gods have a way of reminding us of our behaviors if we do tend to gloat too much.


Tina IS that classy. I golfed with Tina a few years ago in an event. I had heard that Tina drove from the 'blacks', so when she joined me on the 'reds' I was surprised, but Tina said "Well, I'm a girl aren't I?"
Tina would have to play two rounds of golf to equal my score for one round, but that day she was just a gal out to have fun. She always complimented my good shots and made me feel confident in my game.
Of course, she outdrove most of the men in our group!

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