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June 18, 2008


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Golf started out as a gentleman's game and as women began to play is a ladies game. What this means to me is golf etiquette and part of that etiquette is sportsman ship! Lori has none. She is a bully and the only way she could win the $20,000.00 was with head games. Isn't it ironic that the big bully won this event? I have to question the rule that was imposed on Christina about patting down the grass in the challenge. I don't believe the ruling was correct. If the ball was being dropped not "PLACED" then the Big Break ruling might be correct. I believe Lori should be sent home for making a mockery of the game. Meow!


What is the rule in standard golf about stepping down behind your ball?

Good TV drama in the episode!

Do you know how long it takes to film this series? Are there a few days between filming each show?


Hi there
I'm no expert on the rules, but will try and find the answer by asking some "experts" and get back to you.

As for the taping...it ran 17 consecutive days in Maui - no breaks inbetween each day, big or small :)



Competitive golf as in most sports can become heated. But the ugliness of this episode clearly was disturbing on many levels. The Golf Channel should be ashamed for allowing this to spiral out of control. Their reader forums today are getting nasty over this show. Lori, for her part, was clearly gleeful in her attempts to personally destroy Christina. Editing does not explain her comments or her actions. And if Lori thinks being a profesional means moving on, as she says in her interview, she's clearly mistaken. Being mean spirited and vile canot be fluffed over by some lame "can't we move on". I usually like the Big Break but what a let down watching this after the US Open. I no longer care who wins as the show lost its integrity and me.


Christina was drained and overly defensive and apologetic in this week's confessional. This terrific interview revealed her more natural spunk. TGC would salivate to use some of Christina's quotes on the next episode.

Looks like the keyword is mean, from Andrew Magee's summation of Lori and now Christina's remarks about her three remaining competitors.

I love the anecdotes that show up in these audio clips, like Kim texting Lori in the middle of the show, and TGC proposing a chat about etiquette at breakfast.

For whatever reason it seems as if Kim has been protected a little bit, with her comments edited out or downplayed. Christina and Lori shared that basic theme. But Lori and Christina certainly differ on whether Lori ripped Christina at breakfast. Lori said she merely listened to Kim and Sophie. Christina lumps Lori as an equal condemner.

Last night I watched alongside a friend who had seen only a couple of prior episodes. When Lori debuted the testing her line angle, my friend said, "She's starting to get on my nerves." That's very tame compared to the message board consensus. But Lori needs to be Lori. I appreciated her blog from last week, where she emphasized she could only be herself. Today I finally remembered those blog entries on TGC website. I was a couple weeks behind. They are the best source of behind the scenes info, other than this column.

This week's episode was bizarre, forced toward the Lori/Christina duel. Susan planted herself in jeopardy with the 4 on the opening elimination location. From that point forward, with only one woman to be excluded, the Lori/Christina angle made less and less sense, other than they were the final two competitors at the final location. That was hardly a coincidence, I'm sure.

The chipping may have been suspect. But check out the howling winds from the relatively long elimination locations. The fairway shots were very impressive in those conditions. Many were snug to the hole, and even Susan's two hybrid shots were well struck only to scamper beyond the circle.

That was really thrilling, BTW. An entire episode basically devoted to finding a circle. Reminds me of days at the race track with seemingly every race at 6 furlongs. I always envision the brain trust, planning the cards months in advance in a back room: "Fourth race? I've got it -- six furlongs!" The Big Break shows up with gallons of white paint.

Sounds like Christina is already antsy about that Futures Tour event, same field as Lori and Kim and others. She seemed so comfortable alongside Susan in the Canadian Tour event.


Hi Everyone

I still don't have a definitive answer on the ruling that caused Christina to incur a penalty. But one of the members of Golfwrx (wknddufr) provided some great insights into this issue and his post is well worth the read.



I'd like someone to ask Lori how the producers could have possibly edited this show to make her look so mean and vindictive? Honestly, everything she says about Christina is malicious. That's not editing. It makes me angry that Lori keeps saying she's trying to protect the integrity of golf. I laughed when Lori said in her interview that her friends know who she really is, well sorry honey, but a class act would not speak the way you do. You should be ashamed of your behavior on this show.

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