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June 25, 2008


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Will someone please grow a backbone and call this lady out on her very questionable behavior? It would be so nice if she would take some responsibility for her comments and hypocrytical statements. I'm actually not going to watch this show until the end because I find this behavior rather disturbing- it's like watching a schoolyard bully. I wanted to see what happened to Christina, she made a mistake with the comment she made but she's acknowledged that and I hope she succeeds in her golf career.


I've appreciated Lori's comments on golf strategy, like closing the face of the 9 iron out of the bunker last night, and playing the ball back in her stance and hitting hit hard on the awkward uphill sand shot during the matchup with Liz early in the series. Later she emphasized to Liz to commit to the shot. It's the type of thing Johnny Miller is so good at. Perhaps the other women on this series have offered tips like that, but if so they haven't been featured.

Overall I thought this was a disappointing episode, the worst since very early. Kim was phenomenal and Sophie/Lori very solid but it demonstrates why TV hates match play. There was zero suspense in the elimination round once Christina was obviously off her game.


Thanks for these comments - it's great to know that you haven't all given up on the series.

Lori has game - there is no doubt. But she hasn't made a lot of friends with the BB audience. I wish I could talk to some of the Duramed tour ladies and found out what she's really like out on the course.

I also wish we could have heard more about golf shot strategies from the others. I guess in an hr there was a choice - drama or golf strategy. It's obvious which one won :)



It is great to see different viewpoints from others on here about the show last night. Lori has an impressive golf game. Realizing that now. Looking forward to the remaining shows.



well , lori is a very poor sport , and acted like a two year old. I cant believe she acts this way. Why do you feel the need to pick on someone. is it to make yourself feel better. Ive never seen anyone act this way in real life. I think she ought to thank christina for not slapping her. lori really made golf look like an unclassy game , and most past bb was about the golf until lori got by with dominating her mouth over the rest. I really find it hard to believe that kim was ok with the way lori and sophie treated christina. I know the winner has already been chosen , but i hope the seeds that lori planted is a learning lesson.

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