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June 25, 2008


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During Christina's interview she made the comment that the BB was a show and not golf. I hope Golf for Women and The Golf Channel make the next Big Break just about golf. I have greatly enjoyed watching the drills and the competition and that alone can stand on its own - you don't need the drama to attract advertisers or viewers.



Has anyone ever looked better in a hat or visor than Christina? A sponsor should take note of that, a headwear company. I've noticed it for more than a month and last night I saw a similar comment on a major golf forum.

Yeah, it looked like Christina's face was telling the elimination story. Some have been very evident, like Susan, Dana and Adrienne. When a woman's got too much going on around the eyes, that's always a big hint. Last night a member of my family isolated Christina immediately as the ousted one. It must seem like a necessary plaster job but in reality you'll look much more natural without it. I guess the cosmetics companies thrive for a reason.

And I'm not sure The Big Break shouldn't film the confessionals or similar a day later, when it involves a contestant who has been eliminated. I realize they want immediacy. It sacrifices suspense, and not a little bit.

I'm amazed they filmed the final two episodes on the same day. I thought the finale was always 18 holes? You would think they would allow rest and buildup for that. Maybe the weather altered the scheduling.


Christina didn't deserve the mis-treatment that was thrown at her by the final three contestants. It was immature, classless and cruel. I cannot imagine why they wouldn't be ashamed of their actions and words. Christina earned a fan...the other three lost one. I won't be watching the remaining shows. My favorite(s) are gone.


Christina wouldn't want you to give up on the show, so keep watching. :)

Also...I agree with you, Gary, on Christina's look. Why doesn't some sponsor invest in her and reap her future rewards? I think she'll go far - she refuses to consider any alternative.

I can see her on Blackberry ads (she's addicted to it :)) OR maybe a car manufacturer like Tiger does with Buick. Maybe Chysler should take a look. She did really well in College - a bright girl - so maybe a large SI company like Accenture does with Tiger and CA does with Goosen and SAP does with Ernie, etc.

Christina is doing fine and as Arnie says..."She'll be back!" :)



christina your awesome , and i only wished u would have beaten the worst sport in the world. i thought u were full of class , and took way more then most people would have taken. if you could have beaten the witch , then the show would have been 10 x better. you had alot of fans rooting for you , and i wished we could have let you know this when you thought u were by yourself. congrats , and i hope you do well in your upcoming events. GOD bless you.


I registered on this website solely for the purpose of leaving a comment. I usually don't partake in blog commenting, but I have to just add my praise for Christina and how she delt with the situation.

She definitely did not deserve to be treated the way she was on the show. Her only fault was a slip of the tongue in the heat of the moment... the rest of the girls, subsequent to that mistake, were all acting out of malice and with intention. That is inexcusable and completely immature. Lori has the most disgusting personality I have ever encountered in a person... her mere presence on the show makes me turn the channel whenever she is talking.

Christina, if you're reading this - you've earned yourself another fan and I look forward to watching you on the LPGA - assuming Golf Channel gets more coverege ;)

and p.s. happy Canada Day (from a fellow Canadian)


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