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July 02, 2008


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There was plenty of mention that Christina looked like the eliminated party in confessionals last week. But I also thought Lori seemed different, including more eye shadow than typical. Now I realize it was the same day. No wonder. Last week I misinterpreted Christina's 2-episode remark to mean the semi and final were taped the same day, instead of the semi and third to last.

TGC should have allowed Christina to do confessionals even after being eliminated. That may sound absurd but I'd love to wager on the number of comments she would have received. Christina dominated the confessionals when she wasn't overly defensive. Here, she's wonderfully forthright again, saying she was glad Lori lost but really didn't care for any of them.

The age-related comments were interesting and blunt. But I think Christina's aged Sophie, at least by official birthdate. Sophie is about 7 years older than Kim. Under her eyes it looks more like 13 or higher.

I read somewhere that Christina may do work for TGC. That would be terrific. She seems like a natural, if used properly.

I also heard a radio interview with Kim a month or so ago, in which she said she set aside the clubs for a month after Big Break and relaxed, including plenty of snowboarding. Sounded like someone who knew they had something big down the road, and could afford some time off.

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