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July 02, 2008


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Funny how it's a copycat world and you're influenced by recent high profile examples. I haven't carried a 4 wood since my prized Hogan persimmon set was stolen in the late '80s. But now Kim's success and length with a 4 wood in this series has me rethinking my bag.

On the Duramed Futures Tour, Kim averages 265 to lead the tour but I'm confident that's not always driver distance. She really has phenomenal arc, especially for someone listed at 5-5. Her swing enables her to play much taller than that.

When I saw the swing tapes prior to the show I immediately started rooting for Kim and Liz, with the great arc and guaranteed distance. Too bad Liz seemed to lack confidence and was unlucky with Sophie's birdie putt ramming into the cup. Just think how differently this series could have evolved based on outcomes in that double elimination show.

I agree with Kim that Adrienne seemed like a great competitor and threat. Her early elimination was probably the downer of this series from a pure golf standpoint. And Liz had the advantage over Sophie at every stroke until the curling putt. Liz said she hit the ball "99 times better" than Sophie. That goes along with Kim's comment here that Sophie's shots aren't always the prettiest. I guess it's tough for the high arc big bombers to relate to line drive mush. My first tournament my dad took me to see was Doral. After following Weiskopf for many holes we saw Trevino off the 10th tee. My immediate thought was, "what the heck was that?" It looked like a mishit until I saw several more from him, all the same.

I wonder if Kim has remained crosshanded this season? We don't get to see the Futures tour and there's little info out there. She started this series putting conventionally with right hand low, but then switched to crosshanded after nearly being eliminated by Dana, and stayed crosshanded for the remainder of Big Break.

Based on the forums I've sampled, Kim is the overwhelming viewer rooting interest next week. Count me among them.


Great Observations and comments Gary from last night's episode. Thanks for the stats on Kim.

Since I started playing golf about a year ago, I have never been to any live golf tournament PGA or LPGA. I am going to change that this fall and head out to Danville, CA for the Longs Drug Challenge.

A four iron over a four wood was pretty impressive. Like she said last night and I Hope I am quoting this right: "Safe golf is good golf."

Great golfing last night and looking forward to the final episode. Got the opportunity to meet her a few months ago. What a nice gal! My family is rooting for her too.


Oh my goodness...I never noticed Kim's change in grip. And I thought I was paying attention :) Thanks Gary for pointing that out and all your great insights every week. I still say I should interview you after every show with the ladies :)

I hope you'll stay with me through the Highway 18 series coming up in July.

Liz...you and I both need to spend more time on the tour :) - perhaps someday we'll get to attend the same event together. I'd love to meet you - your enthusiasm is contagious!




It's a deal! It would be wonderful to meet you and hang out on tour :) What about maybe fitting in a round of golf?

I have met Juli Inkster once.

Thank you very much for the compliment. Part of my Enthuasim comes from good old mom :)

Also for your interviews with the girls this week. Looking forward to the finale.

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