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July 09, 2008


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I thought it was pathetic the other contestants weren't on the course during the final. This is my first time watching Big Break but I did catch one replayed final many months ago, and the other contestants were at the final, and in fact dunked the winner in the water.

Seems like the other player on course would have added an element, including who they were rooting for, if miked. But maybe a show like this prefers to go out on a happy and tame note.

Best of luck to Christina. If you check her videos on TGC, the comments are high in number and overwhelmingly positive, more than any other contestant.

Overall I thought form held pretty well. I isolated Kim on the first episode and rooted for her throughout, but I concede her putting woes made me a doubter when she was nearly eliminated by Dana. Very difficult to conceal weakness on the greens over an extended period. That will be her battle in securing full time LPGA status.

And keep in mind I read in Stina's blog months ago on this site that she and Andrew were making daily lunch bets on the outcome, with Andrew normally the victor. Perhaps that contributed to Andrew's obvious slant tonight, a wager on Kim. :)


Terrific Anaylsis Gary on the finale of BB Kaanapali. Sophie hung in there as best she could. What an outstanding golf match between these two gals.

Way to go Kim and congratulations for winning BB Kaanapali :)

Looking forward to watching her play in the LPGA Navistar Classic this September.

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