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July 09, 2008


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Great interview Gayle. Thanks for asking my question. Kim definitely changed from conventional to crosshanded after the elimination versus Dana and Susan. I was rooting for Kim from the first episode so I was aware when she switched.

When Kim missed the short putt to knock out Dana on the last regulation hole of that elimination, she swung her putter forward in disgust like a full swing and the hands were conventional, right hand low. The following episode she was crosshanded and I never saw her switch back. Her putting definitely looked more solid crosshanded, despite some problems last night.

I guess people with putting woes are more focused on stuff like that. I putt both ways, righthanded and lefthanded, depending on the break, with an old Bullseye Wide Blade. Unfortunately, modern golf technology has somehow left that area behind, putters where you can use both sides. There's literally nothing available. I'm left handed but play righty, with better feel from the left while putting.

Yes, I saw that close up picture of Kim's bag with the Adams Pro irons. I commented in that thread, under user name Awsi Dooger. I think it was thesandtrap.com. Maybe 6 weeks ago someone posted on one of the major golf forums that one of the Duramed Big Breakers was using Adams clubs, different than her specs on TGC. He withheld the name, admirable.

Another giveaway was Sophie never joining your interview lineup. I thought about that the past few weeks. You would think an eventual champ would seize an opportunity, particularly since further sponsor invites after the Navistar are dependent on how positively the player is viewed, and whether she is well known and would be a good draw.

Congrats to Kim, and best of luck. I'm a USC alum and it was great to see an All-Pac 10 final, with the Coug appropriately vanquishing the cross town hated rival Bruin.:)


For anyone who is interested, that picture of Kim's bag might have been at GolfWRX.com. I get the two sites mixed up.

In either case, there's one extended Big Break Kaanapali thread, not hard to kind, with the picture posted late last night after the finale aired. Kim also had a strange headcover, with a website promoted that I couldn't quite make out in the picture. I think it started with the letter Z.


Awesome interview Gayle!!! Kim was so much fun to watch this entire series. She has such an impressive golf game. Looking forward to watching her play at The 2008 Navistar Classic. Lots of great LPGA players will be there playing alongside with her.

Going to miss watching this series a lot. Would agree about the putts. They carried so much speed with them.

Hope we can spend time hanging out and watch her on the LPGA Tour. Would love to see her play in a tournament. I do not think she will need Q-School either :)

Keep on playing Kim! You are going to do so many great things for the game of golf. Congratulations on winning the BB Kaanapali.

Again Thank you so much Gayle for all the wonderful interviews and blogs every week. They kept everyone updated on what was going on behind the scenes and after each episode of BB Kaanapali. Hope we can continue to keep in touch too!

Enjoy playing the Royal Kaanapali Golf Course in Maui :)

Thought people would be interested in another blog I wrote this morning about her win.

Here is the link: http://www.auburnjournal.com/detail/88313.html

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