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July 09, 2008


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Wow! What an awesome finale. Really enjoyed all the girls thoughts about each show. The blogs that Lori posted each week were fun to read. Great job on all the interviews Gayle :)

They were so much fun to listen too and read.


Yes, I'll echo thanks to Lori for her blog entries, and Gayle for all the weekly interviews. It's really added to following this show. I finally saw someone link to this column a week or so ago on TGC discussion board, and I was chuckling to myself at all the weeks/months they had missed. Thanks again to my mom for directing me here.

I was prepared for less than spectacular golf again. The producer wrote weeks ago that the Kim/Sophie matchup in the Final 4 was by far the best golf of the series, so it wasn't difficult to apply that going forward.

Length is intimidating in match play. That's the bottom line. Sophie looked like the mentally stoutest player over the past month. Hole after hole of facing fundamental disadvantage wears on you, and leads to errors. I've heard Tiger say the only time he was intimidated on a golf course was by a kid in junior golf, 12 or 13 years old, who could belt it 300 yards.

It almost seemed anticlimactic tonight. Maybe because I sensed the rush, knowing from recent comments from the girls that everyone flew home on the night of this final. It's awesome for Kim but a superior atmosphere would have been all the competitors on the course during the final, with some followup coverage as they prepared to depart, the camaraderie or lack of same, depending on who we're talking about. I understand previous finals have been two hours. Tonight it was squeezed into one.


Fun article in the Sacramento Bee, Kim's hometown paper, showing a beaming Kim and describing the scene as she watched the finale along with family and friends:


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